As a new century begins, are you a Starter, Disruptor, or just float along with the rest crowd?

Originally Published on November 30, 2019

The new year is fast approaching, a new century, and with the most startups ever in history predicted to start next year I thought it was worth putting my next book “How the Change the World – and other handy tips” #H2CTW on hold for a short time and re-write my first, The Little Black Book for Entrepreneurs”.

Why should you care? Well, it might not be about you, but someone you care about that makes this very important indeed. (skip to the end if you just want a freebie.. my Xmas gift to loyal readers)

I have been incredibly fortunate to have been an entrepreneur for over 33years. Note: I don’t say a successful entrepreneur. While I have ridden the waves of spectacular success it’s true, but also suffered crushing defeats. It’s not a life for everyone, but I would recommend to anyone on the fence to GO FOR IT. The only caveat I would give is – do not try. If you decide to start something new you must fully commit to it. Trying is the same as dreaming. Founders commit, not try, plan, not dream. and take action while others give up before they begin.

I have loved being and entrepreneur for most of my life.  While this path is not for everyone, it has given me freedoms, experiences and the opportunity to impact the world that I cannot believe any other occupation I could have chosen would allow.

I have given away over half a MILLION print and eBook versions of my first edition, and if you count the Amazon and bookstore sales its over 1.37M copies out there somewhere… I hope at least a few people actually read it.. lol but WHY do I share this? Definitely not for my ego, it’s because I know that there are a LOT of people out there wanting to do something different, to start something new, to start a “side-hustle” to make a little, or a LOT, of extra money beyond the boundaries of their current employment, or to get out fo the corporate rat-race completely. But I know I have barely scratched the surface, that there are many people right now contemplating taking the leap. From thinking about starting a business to doing so. And that is EXACTLY who I wrote the Little Black Book for Entrepreneurs for. I wanted to share some of my first-hand experience as I started seven of my own corporations, all in different sectors, markets, and scattered across three continents. My most common advice used to be – Seek out the best advice you can, from experienced people that have (ideally) a vested interest in your success. After saying this for YEARS I decided it would beeasier, and better to just give them a book that condensed thousands of hours of trial and error, into an hour of reading. While this path is not for everyone, it has given me freedoms, experiences and the opportunity to impact the world that I cannot believe any other occupation I could have chosen would allow. And if your going to start is at all, then I want dearly, nothing more, than for you to succeed.

Click on this image to download free the Little Black Book

My 2nd Edition of the Little Black Book for Entrepreneurs is now live (click on the above image for the Amazon listing. The book is designed to be written in and I highly recommend that you grab a paperback. It is on kindle too but I want to let you know one thing. Book sales are not about the money for me. I am not “hustling” for me. Last year I gave away all of the profits from my book and then a lot more. I am fortunate that my skills as an Entrepreneur have gotten me in a position where I make more than average in passive income than I usually spend in sustaining a life I love. Beneficiaries of book sales are usually solo female founders. Black and Minority (BME) founders, and those focusing on big social and environmental change. I honestly think innovation is the key to positive global change and support it where I can. As a Feminist, as and Environmentalist, and as a part of this planet.


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If you can’t afford the (uk £14.99) for the book, and I totally understand. We are all at different places in our life. Just click on the picture right beside this text and it should open a google DRIVE link to the PDF that you can read or download offline.

Please enjoy it. It’s my gift to you and I hope it helps you to financial independence as these strategies, tactics and inspiring messages from great people have helped me through my life.

I wish you well in 2020 and beyond. A new century, a new year. New beginnings always excite me… I guess its the “starter” in me.

But some final bits of wisdom if I can for those that managed to wade through this rambling article. Of all the things I have learned, the most important is a deep understanding of Value. It underpins all of the business worlds. Create extraordinary value and you will almost inevitably have an extraordinary business. But it gets better. I believe that Value is the key to unlock transformation. The key to, at will, effect change in almost any system, state or environment.

Humanity has at this moment in time the greatest of our achievements and the worst of situations. We have everything we need to be better, in fact, to be great, all of us, not the few, but everyone. Please enjoy the gift of my free copy of the Little Black book for Entrepreneurs. If you have no intention of starting a business read it anyway because in it you might find the seeds of the idea that change is about creating opportunity, and I am yet to meet someone that didn’t want to create change for themselves or other people. Feel free to share the link to my LinkedIn profile with anyone starting a business so they can get a copy and hopefully be more likely to win in the startup game. I love to connect to aspiring “starters”.

But if you are like me, and you want to DO more, or you know someone that’s stuck, trapped, or feeling powerless in the face of a challenge they wish to transform, I give you this snippet of advice. Find the forces, the “what’s in it for me” that keep this challenge in place, and prevents you from achieving your goals and disrupt that.

How to Change the World - and other handy tips  #H2CTW

Call out the wrong, challenge the status quo, be in action about what doesn’t work for you in life because just wanting change is not enough. I am writing madly to complete “How to Change the World – and other handy tips” and hope to share some of the content with my social readers soon.

I leave you with a quote from my hero, Zig Ziglar that has served me well.

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