It is the worst of times… and the best of times.

Origionally Published on April 25, 2020

Entrepreneurs know better than anyone that disruptions, challenges and even catastrophe are the harbingers of opportunity.

Pointing out the obvious…

  • We are in a time of almost unprecedented global financial crises, business disruptions, new ways of living, working and dramatic change in the lives of almost everyone on the planet.
  • We have seen an incredible rise in the past few years of the number of people wanting to be self-employed, to start something new, to fix a problem.
  • That today, technology, the availability of knowledge, access to the gig economy that makes technical resources available cheaply and easily.

It is, in my opinion, by FAR the best time ever in history to start a business.

Funding is a challenge right now, but its a short term blip for most. It’s true many larger investment offices are closed, not even accepting had fed leads from long-standing referral sources. And I totally understand. They are risk-averse, and there is a massive amount of uncertainty in the market right now. But its that same volatility that opportunity lies and fortunes are there to be made.

“We have money, but no Start-ups to invest into”…

There is ALWAYS money available for something great. I have worked & working on funding campaigns still progressing well, even in the depths of this crisis. And not reactionary short term projects but companies that are intelligently positioning themselves to carve out a big slice of a post-Corvid-19 emerging marketplace.

I believe that the Investment community as a whole is going to bounce back once they come to terms with the “new normal” over the next 6-12 months. At that point, they will have billions to unlock and be eager to invest in the best-rising startups in the market.

Having spent most of the past 20 years helping companies identify and take advantage of new (usually very hard to discover) gaps in the market. I am super excited to see how the landscape will look 2-3 years from now.

I feel that 2020 has been as much a gift as a curse. It’s given everyone a chance to stop. To think. to reflect on what’s important. And I think an output of this process we will all change, some subtly, some dramatically, our MO.. our Modus Operandi.. around many issues from the Environment, political, social and even religious beliefs. Everything is open to new interpretations and challenges. It’s a brave new world opening up for these that want to tread a new path and I am keen as any to see what’s out there.

 New ceompanies are rising .. are you going to be one of them?

Last, but not least, I wanted to leave you with a thought that I have been cultivation fro the past month.

I predict a HISTORIC number of unicorns to be born in this time of upheaval. Created to fill space the tens, hundreds, thousands of gaps being created around the world in systems in tatters and unprecedented social change.

Are you going to be part of one or is it still “business as usual for you”?

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