International Speaker, Entrepreneur, Change Maker, Feminist, Author, Entrepreneurial Thinking Master Trainer




experience as a 

Successful Serial Entrepreneur


Business Skills


Eight (8) International Corporations from Idea – to – Exit

Matt is a classic Creative self-starter with an incredible depth of Real-world knowledge in how to take an idea to market successfully.
With a deep focus on early-stage, Strategic Vision & market fit, Matt is virtually industry and verticle agnostic in terms of his effectiveness.

He has seen success in all the following sectors/verticles/specialisms:
– Fitness (Fit-tech & IRL) – Traffic counting – Manufacturing
– Food – Logistics – Biotech – Eco / CleanTech – SAAS & PAAS
– Telecomminicaitons & Broadcasting


+33years experience advising thousands of fast-moving companies across three continents

Matt has been a consultant & advisor offering pro-Bono & paid advice to aspiring entrepreneurs to senior business leaders since he was just 20years old. He has seen an incredible array of businesses. Each with its own unique target market, USP and characteristics.

Matt currently assists a number of companies as Chair of their Advisory Boards, Shareholding lead Advisor, or Chairman of the Executive board.

With extra capacity from time-to-time, Matt loves to hear from early-stage, fast-growth, or struggling businesses, in need of a quick turnaround, Pivot or innovation strategy to gain ground over competitors, funding readiness and/or raising, or re-structuring services.


“There is nothing so thrilling as starting a new company that has an amazing idea and great value as it’s beating heart”

Matt has worn many hats CEO, CMO, COO, Investor, Adviser, Visioneer, Mentor, Strategist, Fixer, and even “hired gun” As a result, he can manage multi-disciplinary projects and navigate complex challenges. His fearless, frenetic work “all at once” work style means he thrives in fast-moving & challenging environments in particular.

Consultancy/board of advisors work 
Matt is always on the lookout for the “next big idea” that he can add value to by drawing from his prestigious experience, contacts or personal assets to accelerate towards success.



experience as a 

Public Speaker & Trainer

Speaking & Training Skills


Event Presenter, Program Lead, Panellist, & Keynote

Matt is a confident and effective event speaker, having appeared at 30+ International level events as a Speaker or Keynote including most recently; at the Great British Business Show and the Expanse – The Annual Summit for Fintech and Blockchain Investors as well as a number of “invitation only” events like the exclusive G2E Annual Summer Investors Summit in London Mayfair.

Matt receives frequent invitations to appear on expert panels across a range of subjects and verticals. Investment (especially early stage), Proptech, Fintech, Small business & Startup Markets, Strategy & Trends, Judging panels for pitches of all types.

He has also lead many event-based programs including:
Quickfire training sessions (mini sessions)
Speed-dating (business matching) sessions
Question & Answer sessions
Roundtable / Boardroom facilitation (attendee participation)
Interviewer for Fireside Chats as well as Compare / Host / MC


Presenter, Interviewer & Guest experience

Matt has appeared multiple times on assorted Public Broadcast Television including Sky News & Multiple Sky Chat shows as a guest.
Appeared on multiple Internet-based (LIVE & pre-Recorded) broadcasts as a guest, Presenter and Interviewer.
Matt is “camera-ready” and able to “think on his feet”, making him a creative and engaging asset to any production.


Lecturer & Guest Speaker

Matt has delivered an engaging & thought-provoking program across a number of internationally recognised organisations and at multiple levels (Staff, Students & public).  Most recently Matt spoke at the University College of London & University of Greenwich London but has received communications & invitations to speak from Hult Business School, Cass Business School, Oxford University and more (delayed due to the Coronavirus).

But apart from Universities Matt also speaks at many colleges & Upper school (high Schools). Sharing his experiences and stories of inspiring successes, and spectacular failures, to aspiring Entrepreneurs.


Trainer & Workshop Leader

Matt has delivered hundreds of training sessions over the past three decades in almost every business-related topic central to starting, launching and running a successful business.  He draws from his personal experience and relates everything top a practical application that participants find engaging and immediately applicable.

He also has extensive experience in business psychology, strategy and innovation and his upcoming book deals with an in-depth look at the application of Entrepreneurial thinking to almost any problem.  How to Change the World – and other handy tips



people impacted 

directly by businesses & Projects

Impact & Projects


I believe that Inspiration is the best spark for selfless action.  And it’s only through taking effective, sustained and selfless action that we can address the plethora of challenges that we face as individuals, communicates and as a planet. 

With over a billion lives affected directly or indirectly, Matt Black has made a lasting impact on the planet and continues to create, support and execute a range of projects that continue to positively move the human race forward including:

Authoring and public engagement
Matt is always keen to engage in any public works as an advisor, guest speaker or even providing thought leadership for many topics close to his heart including:
Entrepreneurial thinking  / Entrepreneurism (in particular Social-Impact)

Matt is the author of The LITTLE BLACK BOOK for Entrepreneurs which is focused on assisting fledgeling founders to answer the critical question “is this THE idea?” and “What do I do now?”.

His has written multiple online and IRL training programs across a multitude of areas (all focused on success in business) and gives away much of his work.

His latest book HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD – and other handy tips, is expected to be published in 2020 (delayed be Corvid-19). And aims to give practical guidance to the training and application of Entrepreneurial thinking to every day (and extraordinary) problems we all face.

Consultancy & Advisory work with SME’s-Fortune 500 companies
– hundreds of millions of lives have been changed by the realisation of ideas turned reality for products that some people use every day including companies like Vodafone, Microsoft, Orange, Google and many more

Coaching and Mentoring with Startups & Founders
Though Matt has built eight companies of his own, he understands that to truly impact a vast number of people its a smart strategy to be a “catalyst” for change.  He has given up tens of thousands of hours over the years to advise, coach and mentor thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Broadcasting – both commercial and self-published
Matt has shared his knowledge freely on many public stages including broadcast TV where he is an active and vocal supporter of early-stage businesses. His own personal “social TV” project called “The Women in Business Show” aired 8 episodes and reached a total LIVE audience exceeding 2.5M people around the world.  Its interactive format allowed women to see, be inspired by & interact with proven successful Female Entrepreneurs. Each hand-selected by Matt to inspire countless others to follow in their footsteps, starting a business of their own and in turn positively impacting their local communities around the world.

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