Entrepreneurial Philanthropy

My Journey has been long and though I have lost almost as much as I have made in the 9 Corporations on 6 continents and 30+ years as an Entrepreneur I have (almost) always been Impact focused. Positive above profit has been not only at the heart of my personal business strategies for success but I have managed to advise thousands of businesses down a similar path.

I grew up in a small mining town and in a family that was less privileged than almost everyone around me. So even though from time to time I enjoy the trappings of success I quickly realised that I had more than enough to enjoy life and have been giving back as much as possible for over 20 years.

My ideal is a business based impact investment that will stand on its own merit. A not-for profit or “for Good” business vs charitable donations. I subscribe to the “teach a man how to fish” philosophy.

I do not accept requests for donations or investment directly, some come to me via recommendation, but generally uncover opportunities myself. I do not publicise my donations nor do I expect any thanks in the media or any other form of recognition of my giving and in fact actively discourage it. I believe its a DUTY to those that have more the share it. Giving with any expectations is not giving at all but advertising or investing, and that is not what I care about, nor am interested in.

To date I have given away thousands of hours, and at 500-15,000 (yes that’s a lot I know) per hour that’s a lot of advice. Given away over £45M in educational materials to help startups be better, fail less, make more and top help them turn their dreams into reality (almost 1.5 Million books and over 500,000 online courses), and over £500,000 in cash grants predominately to Solo female founders of Social or Environmental Impact businesses.

Corvid 19 hit me as it did many others. I have apart from a select number of long term projects I continue to support temporary suspended any cash donations but where possible continue to donate time, advice and other resources to the right causes. I have not stopped my free access to educational materials at any time and aim to increase this in the next few years aiming to give away £100M in free materials by 2010 and hope my new upcoming book will inspire a new generation of Entrepreneurs to change the world.

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